Wondering how to manage your rising corporate phone bills?

Give SolGenie’s TELESIFT a shot – a digital solution to effectively track corporate phone usage.


We developed TELESIFT as a fully customized one-stop digital solution that can efficiently track corporate telephone usage by the employees of an organization. The application is aimed at aiding corporates across the globe overcome the recurring challenge of managing corporate phone usage. TELESIFT grants more visibility to an organization of the usage of their office landline and mobile by employees during business hours and non-business hours.

  • Auto-Management & Monitoring of Business Phone Usage
  • Proactive Control Over Telecommunication Expenses
  • Usage comparisons between users, departments & branches
  • Accurate Departmental Cost Accounting
  • Up to date Call Records
  • A dashboard highlighting all call details by Geography, By employee and by Job Profile
  • An Accurate Trend Analysis

Business Benefits

  • Single Sign On through Active Directory Connection & Authentication.
  • Timely Email Notifications & Employee Alerts.
  • Advances Reporting.