Delivering Best-In-Class Solutions

ClientSite ClientSite

Designed to significantly improve global supply chain visibility, this is a truly powerful solution that delivers a 100% transparent supply chain. read more


A mobile app for warehouses, iActo simplifies picking operations while increasing picking accuracy and workforce productivity significantly. read more

Telesift Telesift

TELESIFT is a customizable solution designed to effectively track employee phone usage in organizations resulting in greater cost savings. read more

Pick And Pack Pick And Pack Delivery System

The Pick Pack system is a web/mobile application capable of streamlining pick, pack, and delivery operations while cutting operational costs. read more

PickyAssist PickyAssist

Acquire, Engage, and Serve customers on web and mobile 24x7 with SolGenie’s ‘smart’ chatbot powered by AI, ML and NLP technologies. read more

AI Based Platforms AI Based Platforms

Harness the potential of AI/ML-powered custom applications to make your business ‘smarter’ while mitigating risks. read more

KrossX KrossX

KrossX is an integrated online platform that provides flexibility to customers to order goods from any ecommerce platform and pick them up at their convenience. read more

Fetchh Fetchh

All in one unified and seamless platform for last mile, on-demand and reverse logistics. read more