SolGenie consulting services in selecting GRC software, include:

  • Customer support and service clarifications on governance, risks involved, and compliance
  • Business analysis and assistance to define organization’s requirements, product scope, and strategy
  • Assessment of the state of customer’s existing GRC program, processes, and policies
  • GRC solutions benchmarking
  • GRC tool selection guidance & support
  • GRC platform selection guidance & support
  • Assistance to devise GRC Implementation roadmap
  • Assistance to deploy chosen GRC technology

GRC Diagnostics

GRC Diagnostics

Determine key risks, areas of improvement, automation opportunities etc. and prioritize GRC solution implementation activities by utilizing automated assessment and diagnosis tools.

GRC Roadmap Planning

GRC Roadmap Planning

Assess both short-term objectives, long-term goals and solution capabilities to devise a comprehensive GRC solution deployment & integration strategy.

GRC Analytics

GRC Analytics

Interact with comprehensive GRC dashboards to assess Key Risk Indicators (KRI), compliance & remediation trends etc. and analyze the ERP ecosystem’s health.

GRC Solution

GRC Solution Selection and Implementation

Implement GRC solution while adhering to compliance processes and enable better risk monitoring, Segregation of Duties (SoD), and continuous control monitoring (CCM)

GRC Solutions and Implementations

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other compliance requirements mandate controls to identify, mitigate, and prevent misconduct. Non-compliance would be detected and met with hefty penalties. However, the details of GRC implementation is up to the organization.

Our expertise and experience enable us to:

  • Assess our customers’ compliance and regulatory aspects
  • Assist with devising effective GRC Implementation roadmap
  • Recommend optimum deployment methodology
  • Manage and ensure efficient GRC Implementation

Our home-brewed GRC execution methodology is designed to:

  • Manage installation and configuration of GRC solutions
  • Design, deploy, and monitor GRC solutions
  • Assist with various process and models within the GRC solution including:
    • Risk Matrix Maintenance
    • Review of Segregation of Duties (SoD)
    • Access Provisioning
    • User Access Reviews
    • Privileges Management procedures
  • Ensure adequate training of GRC support teams
  • Ensure post-implementation support and maintenance

SAP GRC Managed Services

Only a specialized SAP support experience can effectively overcome the various challenges of SAP Security and GRC Solution maintenance and administration. And that’s what SolGenie is all about. With businesses heavily relying on SAP to perform day-to-day operations, the stakes are too high. This is where our dedicated resources and proven expertise help us make a difference. We certainly can keep your SAP systems functioning flawlessly.

SolGenie’s services cover every domain of IT and business consulting but specializes in the automation of GRC management and implementation processes. Our SAP Security/GRC Managed Support service is designed to bridge the gap between a business and its full potential by properly handling SAP administration. Our goal is to deliver an affordable and reliable support option that ensures security and caters to the demand for specialized resources whenever required.

The icing on the cake? The service can be tailored to your business, its industry, SAP size and scope.

SolGenie can provide level 1-3 support in the following areas:

ABAP Security

  • Administration and Maintenance of User Profiles
  • Administration of User Groups
  • Administration of Role Content changes
  • Role Testing Support
  • Change Control Board representation for security changes
  • Enforce security policies and procedures for User Access and Role Administration


  • Troubleshoot GRC configuration issues
  • Recommendations and suggestions for GRC ruleset changes
  • Recommendations for GRC risk reporting remediation efforts
  • Train GRC team including administrators, end-users, and audit resources

ITGC Audit Support

  • Automate ITGC-related SUIM queries and provide audit documentation for results
  • Recommend remediation efforts for identified audit deficiencies
  • Recommend GRC Sensitive Access tests to replace repetitive SUIM queries