Product Engineering

All products must have great experience

Today's consumers don't look for features, they want great experience when using a product. Without that a product will fall behind in today's evolving digital economy. Our UX team will partner with and take a deep dive into your users to design the experiences that will resolve issues like adoption, retention, satisfaction and product engagement.

Product/Design Doing

Our world class team will utilize a UX framework to understand the problem you are solving. This will allow us to design the optimal experience that will start driving the product outcomes you need.

Product Testing

Exceptional experience make exceptional products

Getting everyone to speak the same language and to understand the goals of the product can be a challenge for any organization. By focusing on the user experience rather than features, you can create unified goals, allocate resources more efficiently, and identify optimal metrics. Our hands-on workshop will show you the value and the how of this approach.

Real understanding means new opportunities

Everyone is striving to create products that people love. But who uses the products and for what reasons? People assume the know the answers, but in reality, the actual data often holds unexpected insights. And these surprises can identify valuable, new opportunities and lessen risks of missing problems later when they are more costly.

New Product Development

  • Brainstorm – Requirement analysis
  • Design – Design, document and prototype
  • Development – Iterations, demo and feedback
  • Packaging and Deployment

Product Testing

  • Quality Assurance – Identify defects and resolve bugs
  • Functional, Automated, Regression, Load, Performance and tests
  • End to End testing, QA ownership

Migration & Maintenance

  • New platform migration
  • From legacy and technology
  • Migrate user interface
  • Bug fixing and feature enhancements
  • Ongoing 24×7 support

Product Re-engineering

  • Re-architect product sale
  • Upgrade to new technology
  • Enhancements