Why KrossX

Slaying Missed Deliveries

Designed For Business
Significant Reduction In Cost
Drop Zones & Notification
Customers Pick Up Products
Customers Benefits
Returns & Delivery Partners

Modular System

KrossX comes as a modular system that adapts to different spaces, capacities and needs.

Modular System
Integrated Online Platform
E-Commerce Platform

Experience Flow

KrossX is an integrated online platform that provides flexibility to customers to order goods from any ecommerce platform and pick them up at their convenience.

E-Commerce Platform

Customer shops on any E-commerce Platform

Choose Convenient Location

Choose a convenient location of the locker for a pickup of Delivery package.

Parcel Ready For Pickup

Customer is notified once the parcel is ready for pickup at the locker.


E-commerce provider uses their delivery partner ans supplies the parcel at the locker

Enter OTP

Customer visits the locker and enter the OTP for picking up the parcel.

Pickup Parcel

Customer is happy receiving the parcel.