We believe that a great future for modern business lies on their decision to invest in the cloud. Our expertise with cloud computing technologies enable us to help organizations evolve by shifting them to the cloud without compromising their integrity. With our expert guidance, our clients can not only move along a risk-free migration path towards the cloud but also manage their cloud infrastructure much more efficiently.

Our Value

Reliable Management Expertise
  • Reliable Management Expertise : With our expertise, organizations can efficiently manage assets deployed across both public and private clouds simultaneously.
  • Improved Business Relationships : Our guidance can help our clients harness the potential of the cloud to improve relationships with customers as well as service vendors.
  • Managed Services : With our cloud monitoring and management solutions, our clients can significantly improve the flexibility and operational efficiency of their on-cloud business.

Our Cloud Solutions

SolGenie’s cloud solutions pack the scalability and flexibility that adapts to a business’ growth rate. We offer:

Public Cloud Services

Public cloud services

Private Cloud Services

Private cloud services

Google Apps

Google Apps for work

Benefits of working with us

Cloud Services
  • Our global delivery presence gives our clients great transparency at every stage of their engagement with SolGenie.
  • Our expertise in some of the biggest technologies in the world helps us build one of a kind solutions that perfectly align with a business’ goals.
  • Our service models are designed to help our clients’ figure out an ideal custom solution that fit within their budget, while leveraging the right technology.