SAP S/4HANA Consulting Services

Information holds the power to make and break businesses, which is why companies look up to solutions that can give them a holistic view into their business operations. Leveraging SAP HANA is a solid approach to harness everything that’s hidden within your data. The popular in-memory data platform aids you in streamlining business processes while also providing reliable business intelligence services. Your IT environment is essentially reduced resulting in more overall efficiency.

With HANA, you will be able to access, consolidate, and analyze your data in real-time regardless of whether your ecosystem is on-premise or on the cloud – one great way to make better business decisions.


S/4 HANA Services

S/4 HANA Services

Our S/4 HANA services cover various aspects from Advisory services and cloud migration to SAP HANA; all meant to increase business agility and more.


Analytics with SAP HANA

Harness the incredible analytics capabilities of SAP HANA to process large volumes of business data in real-time, and discover hidden patterns and correlations.

HANA Migration

HANA Migration to Cloud

Our SAP on-boarding services enable hassle-free HANA migration to the cloud utilizing a home-brewed methodology and the best tools and processes ensuring stability.

Managed Services

Managed Services with SAP HANA

Our SAP HANA managed services cover everything from application management and hosting to service delivery management, SAP maintenance services etc.


Implement an efficient SAP HANA roadmap successfully with expert assistance from SolGenie. We can help you get things done through different phases.


The cloud brings with it a number of fresh opportunities for growth and revenue some of which many organizations may miss. With our expertise in SAP implementations backing you up, you won’t miss any opportunity to improve your business by leveraging an SAP environment on the cloud.

  • Discovery phase - an overview of the various benefits of SAP HANA compared to the current state of the system.
  • Deployment phase - This is where we move to live production, finalizing the IT infrastructure and operations, and performing extensive final testing.
  • Realization phase - Get the technical architecture of the SAP S4 HANA defined along with the implementation of application and analytics functions.
  • Exploration phase - Get the functional aspects of the platform documented with proper definitions.
  • Preparation phase - this phase, we devise a detailed plan including all activities involved, and propose a system to report staffing, management, and reporting issues.
  • Running phase - The SolGenie team will get the SAP ready and available for productive use with all IT operations optimized for the best results.