Improve Global Supply Chain Visibility

The Warehouse Visibility Management System is a unique digital solution aimed at giving supply chain firms a competitive edge while improving their warehouses’ visibility significantly. The solution is capable of performing advanced analytics the result of which can be pivotal for better decision-making. It’s also capable of optimizing various processes in the supply chain – covering aspects including but not limited to collection, aggregation, and data sharing.

How Does the ClientSite Enable Supply
Chain firms to Save Time, Save Money, Improve Fill Rate

  • Monitor the warehouse performance over time
  • Understand root causes and failures
  • Optimize processes based on patterns and trends
  • Big picture network overview and ability to zoom in to a region or facility
  • Ability to search for alternatives or notify customers sooner
  • Improve ability to fulfill orders in the most efficient way
  • Ability to problem solve faster Work proactively
  • Improve communication and understanding
  • Faster and easier problem solving

With The Clientsite

  • With a powerful mix of data and innovative technologies, the ClientSite enables a clear view of your Supply Chain and better business decisions
  • Quickly identify patterns through a combination of inbound, outbound and inventory trends that simplify analysis and turn your data into insights.
  • Monitor orders in the fulfillment process through visibility to open orders, order status and details.
  • Understand how your Supply Chain is performing with our easy to use reports and dashboards that provide timely updates on your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly performance.

Warehouse Analytics

  • Complete visibility to warehouse operation (Outbound, Inbound, and Inventory)
  • Scorecard provides consistent measurement and improvement opportunity
  • Customizable to support each client’s unique requirements


  • 100% transparent Supply Chain for all parties involved - Clients, Suppliers, and Employees.
  • Improved visibility is projected to improve order fill rate by ~125 basis points.
  • The sales team can potentially bid for new businesses with complex Supply Chain needs.
  • Management can easily identify warehouses with extra capacity or have room for efficiency improvements.
  • Management can initiate several improvement programs based on the inferences provided by the Stacked Ranking Charts.