Enhancing global supply chain visibility

ClientSite stands as a revolutionary Warehouse Visibility Management System crafted to transform global supply chain visibility. This sophisticated digital solution propels supply chain firms ahead of the competition by streamlining various processes through state-of-the-art analytics, meticulous data collection, aggregation, and strategic sharing capabilities. ClientSite is not just a product but a comprehensive solution that redefines the paradigm of supply chain management, offering unparalleled visibility, efficiency, and strategic insight.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced Analytics for Decision-Making: ClientSite leverages cutting-edge analytics to deliver essential insights, aiding in the refinement of decision-making across diverse aspects of the supply chain.

Process Optimization: By enhancing data collection, aggregation, and sharing processes, ClientSite significantly boosts operational efficiency, setting a new standard in supply chain management.

Data-Driven Insights:

Merges data with the latest technologies to offer a crystal-clear view of the supply chain, facilitating superior business decisions.

Pattern Identification:

Enables quick identification of patterns in inbound, outbound, and inventory trends, easing analysis and converting data into actionable insights.

Order Monitoring:

Provides comprehensive monitoring of orders in the fulfillment process, including open orders, order status, and detailed insights.

Performance Reporting:

Offers user-friendly reports and dashboards for timely performance updates on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Complete Visibility:

Grants total visibility into warehouse operations, encompassing outbound, inbound, and inventory aspects.

Scorecard System:

Incorporates a scorecard to consistently measure performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Offers customization options to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a tailored approach to warehouse management.

100% Transparent Supply Chain:

Achieves unparalleled transparency across clients, suppliers, and employees, fostering a culture of trust and efficiency.

Order Fill Rate Improvement:

Anticipates an improvement in the order fill rate by approximately 125 basis points, marking a significant leap in operational excellence.

New Business Opportunities:

Empowers the sales team to pursue new business ventures with complex supply chain demands confidently.

Efficiency and Capacity Identification:

Enables management to identify warehouses with potential for capacity enhancement or efficiency improvements readily.

Initiation of Improvement Programs:

Allows management to kickstart various improvement programs, drawing from insights gained through Stacked Ranking Charts.

How ClientSite Empowers Supply Chain Firms

Time and Cost Efficiency: Empowers firms to enhance warehouse management and process efficiency, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Improved Fill Rate: Boosts the capacity to efficiently fulfill orders, thereby improving the order fill rate.

Performance Monitoring: Facilitates comprehensive monitoring of warehouse performance, enabling a deep dive into root causes and failures.

Process Optimization: Tailors processes based on identified patterns and trends for unparalleled efficiency.

Network Overview: Provides a macroscopic view of the network, with capabilities to drill down into specific regions or facilities.

Alternative Solutions: Aids in the early identification of alternative strategies or customer notifications.

Proactive Problem Solving: Enhances proactive problem-solving abilities, fostering better communication and understanding.

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UPS Global Logistics and Distribution (GL&D) Client Web Portal

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UPS Oasis Supply Corp


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