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Data center infrastructure & services - SolGenie & Pi Datacenters

SolGenie, in strategic alliance with Pi Datacenters, offers comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure and Services. Our combined expertise brings a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in establishing and maintaining state-of-the-art data center facilities.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are pivotal in the conceptualization and planning phases of your data center. SolGenie’s proficient team, in collaboration with Pi Datacenters, provides expert advice on land selection, data center sizing, and cost estimation, ensuring your data center's capacity aligns perfectly with your current and future needs. Key considerations in our advisory process include, Seismic Zone Category, History of Natural Calamities, Fiber Connectivity, Power and Water Supply, Ease of Regulatory Approvals

Operator Services

Pi Datacenters’ extensive operating experience, in large to medium data centers, complements SolGenie’s commitment to excellence. Our operation services encompass installing and maintaining network resources, ensuring security, and monitoring systems for power and cooling. We modernize data centers to leverage virtualization and automation for optimal efficiency.

Design Services

The design of a data center is critical in determining both CAPEX and OPEX. SolGenie, along with Pi Datacenters’ UPTIME-Certified Architects, ensures an optimal design that saves millions in costs. Our design process includes master planning, structural design, mechanical and electrical design drawings, HVAC, security/surveillance, fire suppression, access controls, and end-to-end automation.

Build Services

Building a data center is a nuanced process, different from traditional construction. SolGenie’s expertise in choosing the right construction partners, combined with Pi Datacenters’ experience, ensures the data center is built optimally, on time, and within budget.

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

SolGenie’s PMC service is critical for ensuring on-time completion of your data center project. We encompass all essential aspects, including civil, electrical, and mechanical, ensuring that each phase of the project aligns with the highest quality standards and the original design parameters.

Our Data Center Features

  • Uptime Institute Tier IV Certified.
  • 5,000 Racks across a 10-acre campus
  • 50,00,00 Sq.ft built-up area
  • Up to 60 MW power capacity
  • Eight levels of stringent security layers

Salient Features

  • 2N fault-tolerant modular architecture
  • Dual utility power routes from independent substations
  • 2N UPS and generator provisioning
  • 2N cooling system redundancy
  • 99.995% global standard uptime
  • Advanced BMS, DCIM Surveillance & Vesda systems
  • Strategic location with network abundance and heterogenous ISP interconnects
  • Comprehensive facilities for business continuity and global command center operations

Data Center Infrastructure

Design Considerations

Our data center design considers optimal temperature and humidity levels for various rooms, including data halls, UPS switch rooms, and battery rooms, ensuring a controlled and efficient environment.

Security and Safety

SolGenie and Pi Datacenters prioritize security and safety with features like 24x7 security, automated bollards, IP-based CCTV systems, bio-authentication, full-body scanners, and advanced fire suppression systems.

Connectivity and Administrative Features

  • Carrier-neutral fiber connectivity with major ISPs
  • Well-equipped NOC and SOC.
  • Customer seating modules, meeting rooms, and storage areas.

Other Critical Features

  • Water and oil leak detection systems
  • Rodent control and dust-free zones

Our Infrastructure Partners

Our Technology Partners

SolGenie, in partnership with Pi Datacenters, is dedicated to providing robust and reliable data center infrastructure and services. Our expertise ensures that your data center is not just a facility, but a strategic asset powering your business’s digital transformation.

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