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SolGenie - Pioneering digital transformation with microsoft power platform

SolGenie stands at the vanguard of digital transformation. Our expertise lies in leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform - a comprehensive suite of low-code, no-code technologies. We specialize in Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages, driving forward the era of rapid digital innovation, workflow optimization, insightful decision-making, responsive chatbots, and swift portal deployment.

SolGenie enhances productivity and collaboration with Microsoft's Low Code, No Code technologies. We offer rapid, low code solutions tailored to our customers' needs, enhancing user experience and customer satisfaction. Our 24x7 Hybrid Global Delivery Model accelerates business operational efficiency in just 12-15 weeks.

Power automate for intelligent automation

Streamline tasks and eliminate manual efforts with Power Automate. We digitize workflows, saving time and resources, thereby driving revenue and profit growth. Automate repetitive tasks, connect apps, and craft workflows specific to your needs. Our team collaborates to understand your business and enhance efficiency with Power Automate.

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Integrating with third-party apps
  • Improving efficiency

Power apps for rapid innovation

Quickly innovate with Power Apps. We develop custom, low-code applications, meeting specific business needs without extensive coding. Our team works with you to design applications aligned with your objectives, maximizing Power Apps' potential.

  • Creating custom business apps
  • Automating workflows
  • Integrating with office 365 microsoft tools

Power BI for informed decisions

Harness Power BI for deep business insights. We create custom dashboards and visualizations for real-time insights, enabling data-driven decisions. Our solutions are tailored to your needs, extracting maximum value from Power BI.

  • Visualizing data from multiple sources
  • Creating custom reports and dashboards
  • Sharing insights with stakeholders

Power virtual agents for enhanced customer engagement

Respond to customer needs with Power Virtual Agents. We develop chatbots for customer inquiries and support, improving response times and reducing service costs.

  • Creating Chatbots
  • Automating customer service
  • Enhancing customer engagement

Power pages for online presence

Enhance your online presence with Power Pages. We create custom web pages displaying data from various sources, providing real-time access to critical business information.

  • Create custom web pages
  • Display data & reports from various sources
  • Real-time access to important data

Supercharge your digital transformation journey

Embark on a transformative digital journey with SolGenie. Our Power Platform development services streamline your processes and enhance customer experiences. Adapt swiftly, scale efficiently, and seize new opportunities with custom solutions designed for your evolving needs.

Unleash the power of collaboration

Break down barriers and unleash collaboration within your business through our Power Platform development services. Facilitate seamless communication, teamwork, and knowledge sharing, fostering a committed and collaborative culture.

Streamline workflows, boost productivity

Maximize productivity by streamlining workflows with SolGenie. Our Power Platform development services integrate powerful tools seamlessly, saving time and driving exceptional outcomes.

Innovation made simple

Experience innovation at its simplest with SolGenie. Our Power Platform services enable you to quickly develop and deploy low-code applications, fueling business growth and agility.

Efficiency redefined, costs reduced

Transform efficiency and reduce costs with our Power Platform development services. Optimize operations through automation and streamlined processes, enhancing ROI and saving valuable resources.

Maximize ROI on microsoft licenses

Leverage your existing investment in Microsoft 365 licenses with our Power Platform suite. Utilize the full scope of these tools to enhance business capabilities.

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