Leadership Team

John Varghese

Managing Director

John Varughese, the Managing Director of SolGenie, is renowned for his innovative leadership and strategic acumen. He plays a pivotal role in driving our operational excellence, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. John adeptly oversees all operational and business aspects, aligning them with SolGenie's strategic vision. His hands-on approach in leading delivery teams and managing project plans has been vital in surpassing our organizational goals and setting industry standards. John's pragmatic and innovative leadership style, coupled with his deep market insight, has propelled SolGenie to new heights in the digital transformation industry, making us pioneers in shaping the future of technology.

Joseph Varughese

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer of SolGenie, Joseph Varughese is the key architect of our financial strategy and operations. His expertise spans across crucial areas like accounting, budgeting, payroll, and cash flow management, ensuring SolGenie's financial integrity and sustainability. Joseph's leadership in financial planning and budgeting is instrumental in aligning our financial roadmap with SolGenie’s strategic objectives, fostering growth and profitability.More than just overseeing financial operations, Joseph’s role is integral to instilling confidence among stakeholders and shaping the financial framework that supports SolGenie’s innovation and expansion in the tech industry. Under his stewardship, SolGenie is not just managing its finances but is strategically optimizing them, driving our success in the digital transformation sector.

Saju Varughese

Chief Technology Officer

Saju Varughese, our Chief Technology Officer, is an esteemed pioneer in the Indian IT industry with 35 years of experience. His expertise and entrepreneurial spirit have been pivotal in directing SolGenie's technology strategy, focusing on Internet Technologies, Infrastructure Solutions, and Online Payments. More than a tech expert, Saju is known for his strategic vision and relationship-building skills, essential in fostering growth and collaboration. His leadership has been instrumental in assembling talented teams that drive innovation at SolGenie, ensuring our position at the forefront of the digital world. Under Saju's guidance, SolGenie is not only adapting to the future but actively shaping it.

Manoj Naduvath

Director of UX & Design

Manoj Naduvath, our Director of UX & Design, stands as a dynamic innovator and a visionary in the realm of product design and user experience. His exceptional track record with top-tier brands is a testament to his profound expertise in user-experience architecture and design. Manoj excels in discerning the true needs and expectations of users, ensuring that every design solution is not just aesthetically appealing but also functionally superior. His ability to build and maintain lasting professional relationships has been pivotal in growing and deepening strategic partnerships, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes. At SolGenie, Manoj's leadership and innovative approach in UX & Design have been instrumental in enhancing our product offerings, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in user-centric design.

George Mathew

Chief Consulting Officer

George Mathew, serving as the Chief Consulting Officer at SolGenie, is a globally acclaimed businessman and philanthropist whose insights and guidance are invaluable assets to our organization. With a career marked by exceptional achievements in the business world and significant contributions to philanthropic endeavors, George brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to SolGenie. His strategic foresight and deep understanding of global market dynamics have been instrumental in steering SolGenie's path towards innovation and success. As a philanthropist, George’s commitment to social causes reflects in his approach to business, blending ethical practices with corporate objectives. His leadership not only drives SolGenie’s growth but also ensures that our business strategies are aligned with our core values and societal contributions. George's role at SolGenie extends beyond advisory; he is a beacon of inspiration, fostering a culture of responsibility and excellence.

Murali Gopalan

Chief Leadership Coach

Murali Gopalan, as the Chief Leadership Coach at SolGenie, plays a pivotal role in the company's growth and strategic direction. His exceptional leadership skills and expertise in client relationships are instrumental in shaping long-term strategies and the company's culture. Currently, Murali holds the position of CEO at UL Technology Solutions (ULTS) and before ULTS, he had a rich background in C-level roles at McLaren Strategic Ventures, UST Global, and co-founded Cleareye.ai. His experience also includes significant roles at Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive. Murali, a graduate from CET and IIM Calcutta, brings visionary leadership and a focus on operational excellence to SolGenie

Rahul Kallupadam Angajan

Director - Strategic Talent Acquisition

Rahul Kallupadam Angajan brings over 16 years of expertise in strategic talent acquisition to our leadership team. His extensive experience spans across full life cycle recruiting, developing robust talent acquisition policies, and implementing large-scale recruitment drives. As a seasoned leader, Rahul excels in managing cross-functional teams, enhancing operational productivity, and fostering a performance-oriented work culture. Rahul's notable tenure at Ernst & Young (EY), one of the Big Four accounting firms, is a testament to his exceptional capabilities in talent attraction and acquisition. At EY, Rahul served as the Manager of Talent Attraction & Acquisition, where he was instrumental in building strategic sourcing solutions, maintaining client relationships, and integrating diversity into the recruitment process. His work ensured that EY's recruitment practices adhered to global standards and best practices, significantly enhancing the firm's talent acquisition strategies.

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