Web Design


The Internet is changing so fast that one cannot keep up. The J2EE, CORBA, and SOAP technologies you wrote or purchased five years ago are now considered old technology. C# and Java programming languages still lead the way, but Ruby, Python, and other rapid-development technologies are making it possible to write web applications quicker when used in conjunction with traditional programming languages.

Your applications are out-of-date, difficult to maintain, and no longer meet the needs of the business. You still have client-server applications, internal web applications, but have nothing that your customers and partners can use. You need to move your applications to the cloud.Your vendors and customers want you to deliver invoices and sales order using web services, while you have been using file transfer or EDI.

With all this bearing down on you, what you need is the advice and expertise from someone who has kept abreast of the changing market, so that you can adopt world-class, money saving technologies.


Our services are intended to advance your website’s traffic, promote your brand, make leads, and most definitively, help you reach your individual goals.Our staff of pioneering designers and developers works with clients to craft websites that take their businesses to the next level. We work closely with you to categorize your needs and use the newest content management systems, frameworks and libraries to simplify our already perfected development technique.We deliver a range of design and development services, including:

  • Web development and positioning strategy
  • Technology evaluation and recommendation
  • Web application design & architecture
  • Web application development
  • Web application testing
  • Web application deployment & integration
  • Maintenance & support


SolGenie web strategies, design, and development will streamline your operations, reducing costs and boosting profits by using time-tested and leading-edge technologies and the newest programming frameworks to deliver improved systems and do so in less time. The newest programming frameworks make these systems more flexible, lending themselves to change when business requirements shift. Let SolGenie help you bring you web application vision to fruition. This will:

  • Improve internal business processes by adopting workflow.
  • Meet new vendor and customer interface requirements that replace the current billing and order-entry systems.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by moving to newer, more easily-maintained infrastructures and applications.
  • Boost your own IT staff’s knowledge of the newest technologies as they work with us.

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