The notion of eCommerce is clouded by marketing people and their tendency to latch on to whatever term in is vogue. To make it clear: eCommerce means selling goods and service over the internet. That’s all it is. Think and eBay.

Extending that idea, eCommerce Services means helping your company figure out how to do this securely, in a cost-effective and revenue-boosting manner, building the system so that it can change with the market and adopt new technologies and integrate all that with your inventory, accounting, and logistical systems.

To sell products over the web,you need a shopping cart. Plus there is the new requirement in the USA to collect sales tax. You have to arrange shipping; you have to check inventory (yours or your partner’s). There is the need to process credit and debit cards, returns, digital wallets, PayPal, gift cards, and various type of discounts. You need to connect with FedEx, the Postal Service, and UPS to calculate their fees and print a shipping or return label.Much of this can be done by connecting up with existing third-party components and add those to your own system. So there is no need to invent everything yourself, instead you build and buy components and sign up with third-party service providers and find a system integrator to put all this together.


At SolGenie we guide you in the process of building your online store by:

  • Strategy we help you decide how to build your own shopping cart and checkout facility or tie in with that offered by a service provider or COTS product like Oracle POS.
  • User Interface yoursite needs to be branded, meaning look like the rest of your company: label, logo, and colors. We make your web site multilingual and program it to operate under the differing tax rules, regulations, and customs of the various international markets where you operate. We take away fields and processes you do not need and add ones the ones you do.
  • Mobile once we have delivered your eCommerce site, the natural next step is to make it available on smartphones.
  • Third-party processing as mentioned above, there is the need to connect to other modules to process taxes, shipping, and so forth. We also build interfaces to your ERP replenishment system, warehouse operations, and accounting system.
  • Custom features some web sites are more functional than others and thus more attractive and useful than others. You can add features such as letting customers get a 3D view of the product, by letting them view rotate it up, down, and around. The system needs to let the customer change, colors, and sizes and do side-by-side comparisons with other products in your own store and do price and products comparisons with your competitors.
  • Search engines it does no good to have a web site to sell your products, if no one can find it. We have studied search-engine technology and understand how to move your site up in the listings and can advise you how to buy keyword advertising.
  • Hosting we are a cloud service provider, hosting your servers in our data center, so that you benefit from the economies of scale that we can pass onto you as cost savings.
  • Compliance persons operating eCommerce sites have to meet certain standards before banks and credit card companies will work with them. We know these standards and will walk you through the certification process.
  • Security no one wants to be hacked and lose customer data and have all that splashed across the front page of the newspaper. Our eCommerce solutions use encryption, advanced two-factor authentication, best-in-breed network security, and eyes-on 24×7 system monitoring to mitigate the chances of that. We have seen the usual tricks, like changing the product code at checkout time in the URL, and have built defenses into ours (your) system to prevent fraud and theft.

Taken together, building an eCommerce sit is lot of work, which is why you need SolGenie to guide you through the process. We do that, from conception to implementation. Let us help you get your retail business online and do it with flair.


Putting your business online expands your brand and delivers your products to your customers where they can acquire them with ease. Partnering with SolGenie, we recommend how best to approach eCommerce by using a combination of off-the-shelf offerings and custom-code to make it all work together. This saves you money and headaches while driving improvements in efficiency and boosting ROI.

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