Web Applications


At SolGenie, our developers, architects, and project managers have experience in a wide-range of web development technologies.  We do web development, graphical design, including flash, and program mobile applications.  We build eCommerce sites, portals, and content management systems.

We use the latest robust frameworks for rapid development and built best-in-breed security into our solutions.  Our team can carry your project from idea, to inception, to implementation.  After that, we switch to support and maintenance to keep your investment working in optimal fashion and add enhancements as your business needs change.

We specialize in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, Java, J2EE, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and C#.

At SolGenie, we develop web applications that offer easy-of-use, scalability, reliability and universal compatibility in terms of browsers and platforms to meet your business needs.  With our deep experience in project management, architecture, and development, we can deliver best-of-breed software to your organization on-time and on-budget.  Because we use the Agile methodology, we deliver functionality in an incremental fashion, so that you can show results to your internal and external customers quickly.

Business Value

You need to replace a web site or web-based application or write a new one.  With the benefits of abstraction and having the front-end tier separated from the business logic, you (or we) can bolt on mobile device apps to the back-end systems that we develop; this is an added benefit.  Partnering with SolGenie in either an outsourced partnership type of arrangement you will:

  • Reduce the cost of maintaining disparate systems by standardizing around a common approach.
  • Break down the barriers of internal politics and resistance to change by using an outside third-party for software development.
  • Avoid cost overruns, delays, and scope creep, because of the Agile methodology that we use.
  • Deploy flexible systems that lend themselves to change, so that they can be more easily adapted as business requirements shift.



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Web Design

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Why SolGenie?

We are committed to your business.  We continually improve our offering by:

  • Investment: We give our developers plenty of down time, so that they can work through tutorials and attend training to continually hone their skills and keep abreast of the latest changes in technology.  This investment in our people translates into increased value for our customers, because we can build better applications and do so more quickly and at less cost.
  • People and experience: SolGenie has the right mixture of certified architects and developments with experience in multiple implementations.
  • Globally Balanced Delivery and Sourcing:
    We deliver the smartest combination of resources to optimize solution delivery from offices across the globe.
  • Post Go-Live Support: After go-live, we stick with you, providing on-going support, so you can realize the best possible ROI.
  • Solution Accelerators: We use the Agile methodology and other solution accelerators for a quick implementation.

Interested in learning more about how SolGenie can benefit your business? Contact us today.