Today – information is crucial for all businesses and companies need permanent view into business operations. SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that enables the clients to improve business processes, provide business intelligence services, and reduce their IT environment. Regardless on-premise or in the cloud, HANA will allow you to access, consolidate, and analyze data in real-time so you can run live and make better business decisions.


  • S4HANA Services: SolGenie offers broad set of services, such as Advisory, Migration to the Cloud, Implementation of SAP Hana, Analytics and Managed Services to help companies employ data just on time and to become more agile. With a proven practice with SAP HANA, SolGenie can help you combine database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in a single in-memory platform to improve critical business processes.
  • HANA Migration to Cloud: Big companies have implemented SAP HANA to drastically improve transaction times and provide real-time data analytics functions. To migrate SAP HANA in a virtual cloud environment is an attractive and cost-effective option, no matter it’s Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud environment. We can apply data tiering, and choose critical ‘hot’ data that must be in memory – so that ‘cold’ data can be stored on extended data storage host. This will largely reduce the size of the HANA environment, which will enable the clients to deploy a smaller instance at project onset and scale up as needed – without needing to purchase costly appliances. With the virtualized approach, the entire virtual machine will be replicated – not just the data.
  • Analytics with SAP HANA: We can help you to adopt SAP HANA as a platform for processing of large volumes of operational and transactional data in real time. SAP Hana’s Predictive Analytics with its embedded algorithms can discover patterns which exist, hidden correlations and processes that can be optimized.
  • Managed Services with SAP HANA: SolGenie also provides managed services with SAP HANA – Application managed services, Hosting services (Cloud), Service delivery management, and SAP maintenance services.


SolGenie can help you in implementing successful SAP HANA roadmap. The implementation of SAP S4HANA will be done through several phases:

  • Discovery phase – here the client will understand the benefits of SAP HANA in comparison to the current system state.
  • Preparation phase – planning activities will be done here with staffing, management and reporting issues.
  • Exploration phase – functional aspects of the platform will be defined and documented (solution scope, content activation).
  • Realization phase – technical architecture of the SAP S4HANA will be defined in this phase, and also application and analytics functions will be implemented.
  • Deployment phase – going in live production with final testing, and finalizing of IT infrastructure and operations.
  • Running phase – with the help of SolGenie’s team SAP will be available for productive use. IT operations will also be optimized (e.g. bug fixing, system availability, and performance).

Based on our expertise, and our many years of experience with SAP implementations – we are well positioned to help you define a ‘to the cloud’ strategy and build your fit-for-purpose SAP environment in the cloud. Also, we always suggest business improvements, permanently encouraging our customers to make use of the new opportunities that the cloud brings.