Big Data

Huge growth of data that has been recorded in recent years, with the increase in complexity and cost, making the managing of the data a very challenging task. The volume and variety of data have changed so fast that making actionable decisions from data requires a well-planned Big Data strategy. Solgenie provides solutions and services tailored towards making your data simpler, scalable and easier to analyze to generate more insight.


Big Data Strategy and Architecture:

We give you insight of the four pillars for effective big data strategy.

  • Structured and Scalable – powerful and adaptable ecosystem that links discovery and data platforms for long-term scalability and connects to the most important external data sources.
  • Business-oriented – our planning for big data platform is always business-guided, with IT department fully engaged to inform the process.
  • Comprehensive– you’ll need a global view that recognizes the many different components of an effective ecosystem (e.g. a well-designed architecture and robust big data tools), as well as different dimensions on which big data can deliver value.
  • Flexible – we assist you to avoid common constraints, like excessive relying on single technologies or partners; because big data-driven transformations don’t happen all at once or immediately across the entire enterprise.

Technology and Tools Evaluation:

Our technical expertise includes the following platforms: Cloudera, Hortonworks, Hadoop, Hive, Python, Mongo DB, Tera data, Azure, AWS, Spark, Scala etc.

Planning, Design and Implementation of Hadoop and other Big Data platforms:

Before you start any data analysis project, you should determine what you want to achieve from it. To answer specific question we will identify data that may help you, so we will identify the location of the data, and the costs to procure it. Our Hadoop-based big data solutions offer you new opportunities for converting data into information. They can also be used to extend existing information systems to provide additional insights through analytics and data visualization. The four scenarios that you can choose from are: Iterative Exploration Model; Data Warehouse on Demand; Business Intelligence Integration, ETL Automation.

Data Analytics Solutions:

When you need to analyze huge volumes of data repeatedly or to process stream data in real time – our data engineers will help you create a big data processing system – suitable for your business needs. Sometimes you can apply batch processing for large, repeating, static business tasks, but in practice you need to analyze fast changing, multi-layered data in real time. Our big data experts will help you build the business-driven applications that can process large streams of data and provide results in real time. We use open source technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce, Storm to enable advanced analytics and solve client problems – thus improving the decision process.


At Solgenie, we understand that data performance cannot be tested and optimized in isolation. We fix end-to-end data management issues in your environment. Data performance also depends on the big data applications using the data, and thus, we adopt both micro and macro-focused approach to data testing.

With a large set of testing best practices and approaches gained over several years, we ensure a high performance and efficiency. We provide access to robust enterprise cloud environments and proven experience with physical and virtual data centers to quickly generate and mimic production strength loads.

We will provide documentation, training, upgrades and maintenance services for your existing and new big data platforms. We initiate documentation and knowledge management for application with day-to-day maintenance activities.

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