Technology Service

SolGenie’s wide range of service offerings is the result of a combination of our technological competencies and years of dedicated global delivery of solutions. Over the years, we expanded our repertoire of technologies and tools in order to provide state-of-the-art services and solutions to our clients that will truly make a positive impact on their businesses.

Of all the technologies we’ve mastered, our competency in the following 4 technologies are what made us who we are today.


SolGenie is a Microsoft technology specialist capable of crafting high-performance solutions – be it web, mobile, and desktop applications that effectively utilizes the vast potential of popular Microsoft technologies to augment businesses in more ways than one.

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Open Source

SolGenie’s global delivery model and product development methodology substantially reduces product engineering effort as well as costs. Our competency with open source technologies complement this further by enabling us to build highly scalable and secure solutions using the best open source platforms and tools…all within our clients’ budget.

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Mobility Solutions

With the right mobile solution, your business will gain a stronger foothold in any competitive environments and more. SolGenie’s expertise with a plethora of mobile technologies including but not limited to popular platforms, frameworks, and tools make us fully capable of developing the perfect, cost-effective, enterprise-grade mobile solution for our clients’ organizations.

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Cloud Technologies

SolGenie’s expertise when it comes to cloud computing technologies & cloud migrations enable us to recommend the best cloud solutions that fit within our clients’ budget and flawlessly implement their migrations. We specialize in cloud integration services that ensure that our clients get the best out of the cloud while also facilitating a more streamlined cloud infrastructure management.

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