Staffing Solutions


It is tough to find quality computer programmers and management consultants. The best of them have jobs already. With salaries zooming in places like California, Washington, and Arizona, anyone who can write a line of code wants $175,000 per year. Now, you have a new project on your hands and need to augment your staff but do not want to hire an additional employee. What to do?

  • Your existing staff has no experience with the technology you have selected for your new project.
  • Once the word gets out that you are hiring, résumés come raining down. Which recruiting firms can you trust? Offshore recruiting firms pay their employees based on how many candidates they call; so they call anybody.


At SolGenie, we stand between you and that hail storm of résumés, saving you time and hassle. We review candidates thoroughly, check their credentials and references, and verify their skills. We do our own development and packaged software implementation, meaning our engineers can sort of the charlatans from those with genuine knowledge. We help you with:

  • Short-term staffing. We can augment your project team on a short-term basis with experienced personnel.
  • Temp-to-hire. At the end of the project you can make an offer to the contractor.
  • Outsourcing. Let us do the programming, project management, and management consulting for you.
  • Direct hire. In the case where you want to hire someone as a full-time employee, we will find them, screen them, check their credentials then send them onto you for an interview.

Our screening and selection process is one of the most methodical in the industry. SolGenie knows that your time is valuable, and that’s why we screen every resume, host face-to-face interviews, conduct technical assessments, and complete detailed reference checks before presenting candidates to you.

SolGenie can provide you with candidates from various skill sets to meet your needs.

ERP Technologies and Business Functions Supported

We are experts in finding talent within the technologies and business functions below.

Business Function
SAP Financials Architect
PeopleSoft Human Resources Project Manager
Oracle EBS Supply Chain Management Functional Analyst
Siebel Customer Relationship Management Technical Analyst
JDE Supplier Relationship Management Developer
Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence QA/Tester
E-Business Data Warehouse Security

Our IT professionals are vetted to meet your specific needs – across every skill set and in any discipline, including:

  • Web Development
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration – Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, E-Commerce, ETL, Middleware, SOA, Web
  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Engineering and Administration – DBA, Network Engineers, OS Administrators, Web Server
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Quality: QA Testers, System Test Engineers, Test Team Leads, Business Process Mapping, System and Software Mapping


SolGenie adds value to your business by providing technical expertise that will both boost the productivity of your existing IT operation and drive down some of the costs associated with that. We help you:

  • Providing staffing requirements that equal the roles required by our clients.
  • Save money by hiring temporary staff.
  • Bring in seasoned professionals to augment your own staff’s skills. Working with our programmers, you junior to medium-level engineers and administrators will learn new skills to improve the productivity of your existing team.
  • Deliver improved operational competences through high quality recruitment process.
  • Contractors by definition bring experience to your company from different project engagements, because they have worked in many places with differing technologies and within different industries. This can open your eyes to new ways to solve old and new problems.
  • Reduced cost for services – Raising the cost-benefit ratio, ultimately targeting an increased overall ROI for you.

Interested in learning more about how SolGenie can benefit your business? Contact us today.