Agile Methodology


Agility is paramount given the speed of today’s business. We meet this challenge head-on. Using the Agile development methodology, we delivery software in iterations,using the continuous-delivery model to achieve customer satisfaction and show results early in the project schedule. We repeat that cycle until we reach the end of implementation, building on what we have written until the customer deems it complete.

Our Approach

As suggested by the Agile methodology, we deliver software in 2-week iterations. These we bundle into the product release pipeline, so that you can roll out functionality quickly to your internal and external customers. Our high-performing teams communicate through daily scums and by working in close proximity.

  • Continuous integration to avoid bottlenecks and make easier the process of incorporating changes made by multiple developers
  • Release builds regularly to get internal and external customer feedback as early as possibleregarding features and functions
  • Maintain a centralized document repository to share knowledge and communicate across teams
  • Use short iterations to deliver code quickly and with the least complexity
  • Organize teams around business processes, including a business process SME on each development team
  • Write and deploy test scripts
  • Work to keep distributed teams synced-up by exchanging technology and resources

Using Agile, we focus our design and development efforts on customer satisfaction by providing continuous delivery of business value through controlled, iterative software releases. We test early and test often within the development lifecycle to deliver promised value.

How Agile Benefits You

Project managers have realized that the rigid methodologies of the past entailed risk, were not flexible, and were slow to show any progress. Developers tended to get stuck working on items included in the project plan that were not of the highest importance. The entire project, when treated as a whole, became a white elephant, difficult to keep on track, difficult to complete within the agreed timeframe. Changes in scope or deliverables required going back to the first stage of the project and rewriting code that had already been tested. Now many companies have followed early adopters and have switched to the Agile model. It is now time-test. At SolGenie, this is how we operate, so that we can deliver the best value, show results early, and do so more quickly and with minimal risk to the overall project.

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