Product Engineering


You have a need; we know how to fill it.

When you have a new product in mind, we are there to take it from conception to implementation. Our offshore development staff and onshore project managers and architects work with you to take your product through the complete lifecycle and do so at a fair price.

New Product Development

  • Brainstorm – Requirement analysis
  • Design – Design, document and prototype
  • Development – Iterations, demo and feedback
  • Packaging and Deployment

Product Testing

  • Quality Assurance – Identify defects and resolve bugs
  • Functional, Automated, Regression, Load, Performance and tests
  • End to End testing, QA ownership

Migration & Maintenance

  • New platform migration
  • From legacy and technology
  • Migrate user interface
  • Bug fixing and feature enhancements
  • Ongoing 24×7 support

Product Re-engineering

  • Re-architect product sale
  • Upgrade to new technology
  • Enhancements

Looking for a Product Development Partner

Writing software is what we do all day, every day. Turn over your product development to us and we will get you to market quicker. Realize your product while your competition is still putting together their development resources, wondering what happened as you pass them by.

When you approach us with a requirement, our business process analysts, project managers, and architects take a look at your business, size up your competitors, and understand what are your expectations and budget. Then we lay out the project to match your business needs, technical constraints and preferences, business SME resource availability, and expected timeline. We use best-practices project management and state-of-the-art, rapid-development programming tools and techniques to deliver a robust, dependable product on time. We engage with your CTO and your business line managers to keep you up-to-date regarding status and make sure our technical solution meets your needs by keeping those needs up front in our planning and execution.

We work on a fixed-price or time-and-material basis with our customers. To deliver exactly what you need, we use the Agile development model, since it has become the de facto standard and has shown over time to work best. This approach focuses on the most important features, setting aside peripheral functions until the end, releasing the software in two-week iterations that let you show results quickly. This ISO-sanctioned model allows for changes in design midstream without derailing the whole project or requiring extensive rework.

We also use test-driven-development putting functionality over form, making sure that our developers are focusing on the problem at hand and not veering off course, writing something elegant but not exactly relevant. (Clever and creative people tend to do that.) The advantage to this is that we develop unit and functional testing scripts as we go. That way, when we execute our build, the system is tested end-to-end in an automated fashion.

Partner with SolGenie as your goals and ours are the same: success and an enduring partnership.