System Integration


At SolGenie, we help clients solve their toughest system-integration challenges. Our management consultants, project managers, and architects meet with your team to take a look at your whole organization to figure out how best to connect your different systems, so they can work together. To do this, we deploy best-in-class ERP systems, middleware, and custom programs to replace manual processes and dated, error-prone interfaces.


At SolGenie, we offer:

  • Applications Management: At SolGenie, we have tuned our offering to meet the objectives and priorities of our clients.We price our efforts on outcome and output; you do not pay for what does not deliver. This creates value by continually improving processes and delivering operational excellence.
  • Custom Applications: We have adopted a comprehensive framework to deliver working solutions on-budget to provide the promised business value. We stick with you from design, development, test, implementation, all the way through go-live.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture: We help you create new services and adapt your existing systems to the SOA approach. This gives you a reliable and scalable foundation upon which to grow and expand.
  • Testing and Validation: We use traditional techniques and tools and the latest software and procedures to test your software and infrastructure in an end-to-end fashion. We continually improve our testing offering through automation. Our holistic approach includes quality assurance in each phase of the development lifecycle.


Systems that talk to each other by definition add value over systems that do not. By bringing together your different systems under a common approach, we extend their operational lifetime and boost their ROI. Our continual-process improvement and outcome-based model creates value for your business. At SolGenie, we follow a time-tested operational framework to deliver your systems integration project on-time and on-budget, delivering the promised ROI, and driving down costs for your IT operation.

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