Migration & Re-Engineering


Having made the decision to migrate your legacy system to a brand-new system, you need to tackle two issues right up-front:

(1) converting existing data and
(2) process re-engineering.

While these are normally considered challenges, we see them as an opportunities. Migrating data gives lets you clean it up and move it onto newer, more reliable, and faster solid state and hard-drive disk storage. Process re-engineering gives you that rare opportunity to question current operations and make changes to lower costs, improve quality, and improve profits.

Data migration is especially important, as it is necessary to convert data from existing systems to the new platform without losing key data fields. The complexity arise from the disparate data sources: flat files, database tables, spreadsheets, and XML files.


At SolGenie we use a robust set of methodologies and in-house and third-party data migration tools to speed the process of converting existing data and do it with the least effort and highest accuracy possible.

  • Evaluate and modify business processes–our experienced business consultants take a look at your current operation. You can either modify your business to fit the software or modify the software to fit the business. Best practices would suggest something in between, with emphasis on the former. We meet with managers throughout your organization to find ways to streamline operations to both (a) improve productivity and (b) adopt the best practices programmed into world-class ERP systems.
  • Data conversion–existing data in your organization is spread across hundreds or thousands of files, tables, and spreadsheets. We convert and load all of this into the new system. Data conversion gives you the added benefit of cleaning up data, meaning delete duplicates, archive old data, and fix orphaned records.


Our data migration offering includes:

  • Clean and migrate data. Delete orphaned records.
  • Port applications to the new operating system and programming frameworks.
  • Archive and collapse old data that is not needed for current operations.
  • Write conversion programs and use high-speed, vendor-provided bulk loaders.
  • Use best-of-breed frameworks to abstract data thus increasing its ease of conversion.

Our process re-engineer offering includes:

  • Map business processes.
  • Write a change impact analysis and benchmark assessment.
  • Meet with stakeholders to see how businesses processes could be improved using the tools and best-practices built into the new system.
  • Throttle back or throttle forward the processing reengineering effort to match the scope of your project and executive buy-in.
  • Promote workflow over email. Workflow cannot be lost. Unlike email, it provides accountability.


Moving off your legacy systems and onto industry-leading technology and a redesigned system will drive down your support and maintenance costs and improve operations by changes in procedures and, possibly, reporting structure.

  • Improve organizational performance with re-engineered processes.
  • Provide increased data security, failover, and replication.
  • Improve customer relations and quality of service.

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