Custom Applications


Sometimes it is better to build than buy, especially for something that is unique to your business or for which you can find no suitable off-the-shelf product.
You want to move your custom applications onto the cloud or write new ones. They no longer fit the needs of the business, because your company has gotten into new markets and taken over other companies.
Your business is producing profits and value for your shareholders. Writing software is not what you do. That is what we do. You have minimal IT staff who are focused on supporting existing systems and systems administration. They are not developers or, if they are, they are not up-to-date on the latest technologies, since your systems are built on technologies of 5 and 10 years ago. What they have learned in the past–EJB, SOAP, Java Swing, Servlets, Visual Basic for Applications, COM, DCOM, COBRA has been replaced by .Net 3.5, C#, Spring Beans, Hibernate, REST, and other Microsoft .Net and open-source Java frameworks. They do not have experience in Mobile development, something that has a steep learning curve. They do not have existing with the latest automatic unit and functional testing tools.


At SolGenie, we can take your ideas and turn them into workable solutions. We have years of experience writing custom software, using best-in-breed project management to keep the project on track, on budget, and one time. We hire only the best software developers; they are drawn to us, because we use the latest tools, which is what programmers want to learn and use. Most of our software developers and architects are certified in Microsoft .Net and Sun (Oracle) Java platforms. We give them plenty of downtime to study the latest rapid-development frameworks and work through the tutorials. These new tools make programming easier, deliver more robust and customizable code, and are quicker to develop. Our robust methodologies, industry accelerators, global delivery centers and assets maximize quality, efficiency and speed to market.

We offer a range of services that include:

  • Project Management
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Web/Portal/Content Management Systems development
  • Development for the Middleware platforms
  • Mobile Apps,.Net, Java and ABAPdevelopment
  • Python and Ruby on Rails
  • Messaging
  • BigData and noSQL
  • Relational Databases
  • Agile and Waterfall Development
  • Ongoing 24×7 support with developers across the globe
  • End-to-end, Functional, and Unit Testing
  • Development for the Cloud and Virtualized Platforms
  • Development for the leading ERP platforms
  • Training and Documentation

Our custom applications development services are intellectualized, designed, and delivered by a team of highly proficient enterprise, solution, and technology architects, user modernizers, design experts, and program management experts focused across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices including service-oriented architecture, grid computing, open source development, to name a few. We work closely with your organization to ensure that we meet the service levels on the most critical constraints of ‘on time’, ‘within budget’ and ‘defect free’ application development to extent your goals..


There is much to be said for writing your own systems. There is no need to buy a fleet of submarines when one seaworthy skiff is all that you need. Let SolGenie deliver something small that meets what you need and not something overblow that the software vendors want to push onto you.

  • Reduce costs by outsourcing development.
  • Progresses quality and speed-to-market of custom legacy applications
  • Boost your own staff’s skills as they work with us.
  • Speed time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Maintains and enhances the effectiveness of custom e-business applications
  • Replace older proprietary systems that have high maintenance costs with new technology that saves money.
  • Increase business agility and flexibility
  • Manage risk compliance and increase business value
  • Reduce high and irregular application management costs
  • Flexible services to address your business requirements

Partner with SolGenie. Your interests and ours are the same.

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