Application Development


Organizations face considerable challenges in keeping their applications aligned with their business strategy. The problems you face are well-known: you do not have enough programmer with the right mix of skills; budgets are tight; there is pressure on the business to continuously adapt to a shifting business climate.


We help take some of the strain off you as you struggle to keep up. Our service offering includes world-class application management to maintain, upgrade, and enhance your COTS applications. Using best-in-breed application management tools and processes, our global staff provide an automated solution to help our clients operate and maintain their applications and keep them running at the best possible performance. Our service offering includes maintenance, production support, and service management, plus we can make small changes to packaged software to add functionality. Whether you are large or small, we modify our offering to meet your needs and extend the lifetime of your investment in COTS software. Our offering includes:

  • Monitor applications and head off performance problems and issues before they become anissue for you and your customers.
  • Boost performance during peak periods.
  • Draw from our global talent pool to target the right resources to the most pressing problems.
  • Work in a risk-adverse manner,focusing on business continuity.
  • Prioritize change requests based upon business impact.
  • Implement best practices to improve application management delivery.
  • Free up your critical resources to work on new business initiatives.
  • Scale up or scale down service levels as your requirements vary.


Outsourcing application management takes away some of the frustration of doing that yourself and frees you up to focus on new requirements coming from your organization. When you partner with SolGenie we:

  • Take away the burden of managing your systems.
  • Target resources where they are needed.
  • Reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Monitor and tune applications so they operate at optimal performance.
  • Reduce the number of support tickets and raise customer satisfaction.
  • Increase business agility and flexibility.
  • Manage risk compliance and increase business value.
  • Reduce high and irregular application management costs.
  • Flexible services to address your business requirements.

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