Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Solgenie Partners with sentient scripts to deliver artificial intelligence solutions for the enterprise.


Our capability is building solutions using the principles of data science that can be delivered to customers, solving business problems using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI/ML, and its application can any type of business giving it the ability to

  • Sense [Internal/External Signals]
  • Assess [Good/Bad]
  • Recommend [Actions]


which completes the virtuous cycle of typical human thought and action. These continuously learning ai platforms give enterprises ability to be cognizant of changing situations, and nimble in thought and execution. SolGenie has core expertise in the entire data spectrum including abilities to

  • handle big data to standard databases
  • design and build of extract transform and load scripts
  • process automation
  • screen scraping and web crawlers
  • data model design & management of data marts
  • business intelligence platform design & deployment [incorporating the best UX designs]
  • live analytics using API integration
  • a building of business context specific ai models, driving predictions, optimizations, recommendation, alerts, text analysis, classifications

Platforms and Solutions 

Tailor-made platforms that provide assistive Intelligence, guidance, and alerts based on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our platforms enable divisions to use the best performance levers to achieve the outcomes desired. We use historical data analysis, and statistical models to provide strategic insights, custom developed for every customer to help them reach their goals rapidly. The platforms we have deployed for some of the fortune 500 customers are in the areas of

Partner/Vendor Management
The management of key performance indicators to move from pipeline management to actual
predicted year-end close analysis help all sales team to meet targets. The use of predictive models that will forecast closures and drive demand management.
Application of customer buying patterns to recommend opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell, enabling the frontline sales team with an assistive feature to look in the right places AI Based Strategic Sales – GLIDE
The ability to use such powerful engines on a large scale looking at 70% to 80% of a P&L’s apportion can bring massive impact to the bottom line Enterprises who have global footprints using multiple partners and vendors, need to consistently look at data and make decisions while buying to ensure the best quality, optimum price, and on time delivery
Program Management
Customer Experience Management
Process Analysis
Using algorithms and data science to prioritize risks, and understand programs that need help using ai versus human review and analysis AI Based PMO Using ai to predict unhappy customers and drive mitigation at source making customers well cared for AI Based EUM Using data science to continuously monitor processes and alert on bottlenecks and alerts and recommend utilization and optimization solution

These platforms we deploy are custom built and delivers high value in terms of

  • Assisted Intelligence and Control on the customers business/functions/operations
  • Strategic Alignment Inputs
  • Proactive Risk Identification
  • Performance Optimization Guidance
  • Prediction on customer satisfaction


We build platforms ground up for every customer that

  • Ingest data footprints
  • Assimilate Intelligence by Processing it through custom learning algorithms
  • Deliver through intuitive interfaces
  • Deliver it real time on the device of choice in an optimistic time frame of 2 months and pessimistic of three months

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