Case Studies

Java, Kafka, and Hadoop Implementation

FIS Global is a leading provider of technology solutions for the global financial services industry. They approached Solgenie with a critical project to enhance their financial software infrastructure.

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Networking Industry DevOps and Cloud Transformation

SolGenie has been partnering with a prominent player in the networking industry for the past 3+ years in a continuous and evolving project.

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Transforming SAP Landscape for JELD-WEN

SolGenie embarked on a transformative journey with JELD-WEN, a leading manufacturer of windows, doors, and treated composite trim and panels. Over the course of 2 years, our team of 6 professionals

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SAP Data Archiving Transformation at Cardone Industries

SolGenie partnered with Cardone Industries to execute a comprehensive SAP Data Archiving project that spanned a duration of one year. This project aimed to optimize data management,

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SAP CPI-DS / PO Integration for Retail Client

SolGenie successfully executed an SAP CPI-DS (Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services) and SAP PO (Process Orchestration) Integration project for a prominent retail client.

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UPS Global Logistics and Distribution (GL&D) Client Web Portal

UPS GTS Global Logistics and Distribution (GL&D) embarked on a mission to enhance its client services by implementing a Client Web Portal. This portal aimed to provide UPS clients with advanced and

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SAP Solution Architecting and Upgrade Project for industrial distribution industry

Scope of the Project: EIS, Inc. engaged in a strategic SAP project aimed at architecting solutions for new business requirements and enhancing various modules of FI (Finance),

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CNBC Android TV 1.0 Launch Project for media and entertainment industry

In partnership with Capgemini, NBC Universal engaged Solgenie, to launch the CNBC Android TV 1.0 app. The objective was to create a new application that featured Business Day and Make It/Prime video content.

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TrueBlue, Inc. Workforce Solutions Project

TrueBlue, Inc., a leader in the workforce solutions industry, partnered with SolGenie to enhance and optimize their Recruit Application. The project aimed to improve

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SAP Implementation and Development for Corning Optical Communications

Corning Optical Communications, a prominent player in the telecommunications industry, embarked on a significant SAP implementation and development project.

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NBC Universal - Domo Data Visualization Project

In partnership with Capgemini, NBC Universal engaged Solgenie to enhance the user experience of their dashboards by leveraging Domo, an advanced analytics tool. The project aimed to visualize data effectively within the Domo platform.

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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Implementation for the Networking Industry

The Networking Industry embarked on a four-year journey with SolGenie to bolster its cybersecurity defenses and protect its digital assets. This extensive project encompassed the implementation of a wide range of cybersecurity measures to safeguard against evolving threats.

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Our Clients


Customer Speaks

I am delighted to express my appreciation for the exceptional work performed by SolGenie and their team on the fixed bid Qlik implementation project, along with various data and analytics projects and advisory services. This project, executed in a hybrid model, showcased SolGenie’s flexibility and expertise in handling complex tasks with efficiency. Their team’s deep understanding of our needs and their innovative approach have significantly enhanced our data analysis capabilities, providing us with valuable insights to make informed decisions. I highly recommend SolGenie for their comprehensive technical skills and their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Douglass Morris

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
SRP Federal Credit Union | Banking and Financial Services industry

I have been collaborating with SolGenie and their team since 2021 on the development and support of the Code Connect and Event Broker platforms at FIS Global. SolGenie's consistent delivery of exceptional work in Java, Kafka, and Hadoop technologies has been impressive. Their innovative solutions to complex technical challenges and their dedication have significantly contributed to the success and efficiency of our platforms. I am extremely satisfied with the outcomes and commend SolGenie for their outstanding service and technical expertise.

Arun Raju

Sr. Director Development
FIS Global | Financial Services Technology Industry

I am immensely grateful for SolGenie's exceptional work at Cardone Industries, especially on the fixed bid SAP archiving project. Their expertise and dedication reduced our database size by 36%, enhancing system performance and efficiency. SolGenie continues to offer invaluable support with skilled resources both onsite and offshore, contributing significantly in ABAP, EWM development, and Basis support. I am impressed by their commitment to quality solutions and ability to meet evolving needs. I highly recommend SolGenie for their outstanding service and technical prowess.

Suphin Kallarackal

Manager - SAP Basis and Security
Cardone Industries | Automotive Industry

Since 2016, my experience with EIS, Inc. has been continually enhanced by SolGenie's remarkable work, especially on our SAP projects. Their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions is exemplary. SolGenie currently provides exceptional support with skilled professionals both onsite and offshore. They excel in ABAP and Fiori development, PI/PO integrations, EDI, SAP EWM consulting, and Basis support, thereby enhancing our operational efficiency. The SolGenie team's consistent ability to meet our technical and business needs with high standards is commendable. I am grateful for their ongoing support and enthusiastically recommend SolGenie for their outstanding technical skills and commitment to client success

Roy Alex

Director - SAP Applications
EIS, Inc. | Electrical and Electronics Industry

SolGenie has been an invaluable strategic partner to Pi Datacenters, offering solutions that enhance our services and products. We are extremely pleased with their contributions to data center infrastructure, cloud delivery, various managed services projects, and their role as the U.S. distributor for key products like RIMS, HarborFront CDN, and Pi Workspaces VDI. Their involvement in developing cybersecurity products and tools has also been crucial. SolGenie's innovative solutions, deep technological expertise, and commitment to quality have greatly enhanced our operations. We highly value our partnership with SolGenie for their professionalism and their ability to deliver complex solutions that meet our strategic needs.

Geo Kurian

Chief of Staff (CoS) - CEO Office
Pi Datacenters, Inc. | Technology and Services industry

I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt appreciation to SolGenie for their significant contribution to developing the ClearEye platform during my tenure as CEO. Their skilled team of machine learning engineers, program managers, Azure architects, developers, and UI/UX designers played a key role.Their expertise in these technology areas significantly contributed to our success. SolGenie's professionalism, deep understanding of our needs, and innovative approach greatly aided in efficiently achieving our goals. I am immensely grateful for their support at a crucial time and highly recommend SolGenie for their comprehensive technical capabilities and dedication to client success.

Murali Gopalan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Inc. | Financial Technology Industry

We're pleased with SolGenie's exceptional work on the GTS Global Logistics and Distribution project, involving a client web portal for global supply chain visibility using Microsoft technologies and Azure. This has greatly enhanced client order and inventory visibility, improving our services. SolGenie's team showed remarkable expertise and dedication, exceeding our expectations and significantly optimizing our supply chain management. We highly recommend SolGenie for their professionalism and technical excellence.

Sr Director of SCM Projects

Transportation and Logistics Industry

In my role as Senior Director in the Networking industry, my three-year experience with SolGenie has been highly positive, particularly in IT infrastructure transformation. SolGenie's work in cloud utilization, cybersecurity, and DevOps integration has been pivotal for our IT evolution. Their expertise in cloud, server, and VMware administration has enhanced our agility and operational efficiency. Beyond their technical services, SolGenie's team has effectively collaborated with our staff, significantly boosting system performance and security. Their proactive approach and strategic alignment have been key to our IT success, establishing SolGenie as a crucial player in IT consulting and staffing.

Sr Director of IT

Leading Company in the Networking industry

Our collaboration with SolGenie in modernizing our SAP system over two years has been outstanding. They were pivotal in upgrading to the latest S4 HANA versions, adding vital modules, and integrating key functionalities. Their expertise as integration architects significantly enhanced our system's efficiency, notably through middleware solutions. SolGenie's custom Fiori applications, PI/PO, and EDI interfaces have greatly improved our operations and decision-making. Their innovative automation solutions streamlined our file management and communications, maintaining our system at the forefront of industry standards. SolGenie's commitment to exceptional, customized solutions has been invaluable.

Global Director

Leading Company in the Manufacturing Industry

Our partnership with SolGenie has been transformative for TrueBlue, Inc. Over two years, they have developed and significantly enhanced our Recruit Application, improving workforce management. Their efforts in development, interface design, and testing have streamlined the recruitment process, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and reliable. The modern interface and advanced features, built with the latest technology, have elevated operational efficiency, providing scalable and secure solutions for our workforce needs. This successful project has notably improved our recruitment experience and outcomes, underscoring SolGenie's expertise in workforce solutions and technology.

Senior Director

Cloud Engineering
TrueBlue, Inc. | Workforce Solutions Industry

SolGenie is a strategic partner of Picky Assist in solution development across various products on the Picky Assist platform. They have supported us with different technologies, tools, and cloud platforms. At Picky Assist, we are delighted to express our appreciation for the outstanding ongoing work conducted by SolGenie and their team. We are genuinely impressed by their commitment to excellence and highly recommend SolGenie for their advanced technical skills and their ability to deliver sophisticated solutions.

Reji Sivankutty

CEO & Founder
Picky Assist, Inc. | Technology Industry

As President of Amecan and Eurocan, I am thrilled to commend Solgenie for their exemplary service in transforming our day-to-day workflows. They adeptly facilitated the deployment of Picky Assist for our Customer Service processes in Americas, enabling Amecan and Eurocan to thrive through enhanced CRM, case management, and automated workflow capabilities. This strategic move replaced our manual processes with a streamlined, centralized system, marking a significant leap forward in our operational efficiency. Solgenie's expertise, dedication, and innovative approach have been instrumental in this transition, proving them to be invaluable partners in our journey towards digital transformation.

George Mathew

President | Amecan | Eurocan
Wholesale Import and Export Industry

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